homeward bound

after a lengthy hiatus, i’ve finally booked a trip back home to canada to visit my family. it has been over 3 years since i’ve made the long journey from seattle to moose jaw and… Read More »homeward bound

canookie connection

as i was walking out of my office building today, i noticed a lady getting into her car next to mine – a very hefty girl with poorly dyed hair and big sunglasses. normally i… Read More »canookie connection

shut yer hole

ah, yes – a few rather productive weeks in our household. we’ve managed to keep up with the cleaning and ‘staging’ of our home well enough so that we’ve probably had 2 dozen showings so… Read More »shut yer hole


…turned out to be quite the day last week. i had my molar tooth pulled finally, so the pain is greatly lessened although i now have a gaping hole where the tooth used to be.… Read More »friday-the-13th

irish spiderman lingo

ah, here i sit in giants causeway pub in renton, noshing on a cheeseburger, sipping a red bull and getting myself ready to head home. man, its been a busy month already and things only… Read More »irish spiderman lingo


a belated easter and a happy april fools day to you all. geez, time sure flies. its been months since my last real update – i think it was back in november when i was… Read More »f-f-f-foolin