having been a scrabulous fiend for several months now, i awoke this morning to find a most disheartening and sad message posted on my beloved facebook apps page Scrabulous is disabled for US and Canadian… Read More »scrap

sn4psh0t crap

just as a heads-up to anyone using msn messenger : if you receive any links with your username.sn4psh0t.com from any one of your contacts, under any circumstances do not open the link, and furthermore if… Read More »sn4psh0t crap

aww, rats

we’ve been blessed with a pretty independent and voracious little kitten, indy (cameron named him prior to his sister lily being born whom he wanted to call Outie… — Outie and Indy?) well since we… Read More »aww, rats

how dreamy

so, after having little to say over the last umpteen months, i’ve decided that i should post something finally. as it turns out, i wasn’t being billed for any of my hosting for the last… Read More »how dreamy

moosed up

p>so, i’m back in moose jaw! as most of u probably know by now (given that only friends and family are the ones actively reading the site), my mom went in for surgery on friday… Read More »moosed up


this morning i had a mocha – the first in weeks. in an effort to save money, i’ve abandoned the frothy goodness of starbux and reduced myself to drip coffee. with plenty of fancy creamers… Read More »mmmocha

xbox me

damn, i love the xbox! oh, how i wish i had one i could call my very own. i’d hug it every night before i went to bed… with the newbie travis gone for training… Read More »xbox me

smarty pants

ah, american politics. there’s nothing i enjoy quite like listening to a well spoken, intelligent and charismatic world leader shed some light on sometimes very complex social and political issues… this is not one of… Read More »smarty pants

vacate me

aww yeah! vacation time, baby! although its already half over, its been pretty fun so far. the weekend was pretty much a normal one – washing cars, shopping, cleaning, watching movies, blah blah blah –… Read More »vacate me