cameron works!

okay, well more like watches spongebob on a laptop, drinking root beer and belching loudly. last day before our trip to canada and figured i’d oblige camerons desire to come in to work with me… Read More »cameron works!

workin’ stiff

so, what is shane doing on a saturday night when his wife and boy are away to germany? working.yes, i’m on call this weekend and its been quite a doozy so far. one site in… Read More »workin’ stiff

daddy daycare

so, this weekend was a bit of a crapshoot… didn’t really get alot accomplished but it was overall still pretty good. the usual friday night outing didn’t happen this week – we had some soda’s… Read More »daddy daycare


i think almost every day this week someone in our office has brought in a big old box of cinnabons or a couple of dozen fresh krispy kreme donuts. i have a problem – i… Read More »phatty

lunched out

so, i’ve been less than consistent lately with my eating schedule. i’ve never actually eaten a regular breakfast before – maybe i’ll have a yogurt and a coffee and call that breakfast, but thats stretchin’… Read More »lunched out