homeward bound

after a lengthy hiatus, i’ve finally booked a trip back home to canada to visit my family. it has been over 3 years since i’ve made the long journey from seattle to moose jaw and i’m looking forward to it- bigtime! the long drive is planned for the end of june, with vacations already approved and suitcases being dusted, i look forward to lily’s first time in canada to meet her extended canuck clansmen.

a trip home means adjusting from the frantic life of the city to the slower, more comfortable pace of a small town. it is very much a welcome change, although it always seems to be laced with a great reluctance to return to ‘reality’. thank god its the summer though – not sure i could stand -40 degree temps anymore…

i’m actually looking forward to the drive, oddly enough. there’s something eerily soothing about driving till your eyes are blurry, especially across the flatness and huge skies of the canadian prairies. maybe i’ll find some peace at a road side pull-off whilst the kids pee.

i figure i’m long overdue for a break. my vacation time at work is all banked up and i’m honestly ready to go now. thanks to facebook i’ve already re-established contact with at least a half- dozen people that i knew in my younger days, still in regina or moose jaw, and thirsty to sit down and catch up. my mom (newly married jamaican style), will be throwing a little bbq/reception to celebrate that occasion which i’m joyously anticipating. not to mention, we’ll be there for canada day to boot, eh.

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