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google\'s new browserso google, now arguably the king kong of search engines, maps, and (g)mail, takes a foray into the realm of the internet browser with ‘google chrome’, released a couple weeks ago. for reasons i won’t go into here, i’m most definitely not a big fan of internet explorer (any version) and have been a dedicated firefox user for a few years now and feel pretty loyal to the fox, although there may be a new hound in town about to usurp the calm. 

google chrome is very cool. 

the team put together a smart comic-book like intro here to explain why there’s a need for a more non-traditional approach to the internet browser. the ‘old school’ browsers were born into a technological world devoid of mass phising, css and rendering issues, etc and are constantly playing ‘catchup’ to build features into the single-threaded design of the ie/ff browser we know today. 

chrome is different. visually and functionally, but different in a very very good way. for instance:

1. the tabs top all. thats right, the tabs (standard now in any practical browser) are located at the top of the page, rather than buried beneath the tool and address bar. this little shift is at the heart of the usability enhancements and makes total sense. each tab has its own memory space and runs independently of the others. if one tab locks or crashes, the others remain intact. plus i just love looking at the top of the pane to see where i’m at. easier is better. 

2. publish apps. oh yes you can! you can create desktop shortcuts to web applications that when clicked run in a special window with no browser controls (tabs, buttons, etc) and all you see is the app itself. like gmail – it works like a champ! 

3. it’s open source. need i say more? this means you, me and everyone else can start writing plug-ins and making it OUR browser. 

4. it’s fast and stable.  popups won’t actually pop out into a new window. the address bar is replaced by what they call the omnibox (yes its a gay-tarded name), but it works to suggest the url like the google search box, all in one. dig it. one box to rule them all. incognito mode doesn’t save your history for when you’re on a porn rip. 

personally i haven’t made the leap all the way to using chrome as my defacto browser of choice: that job still belongs to firefox3, but only because chrome yet (still in beta) doesn’t resize well in a dual-monitor setup and looks a little goofy if you try to move it from one monitor to the other. 

aside from that little and very minor snafu, its just as fast as ff3 if not faster, clean, stable, secure and promises to give MS a run for thier money if chrome ever makes it out of beta… 


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