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so i’m fairly guilty of not writing alot, and when i do its usually some mundane crap rather than how i spend my day – which is just another set of mundane crap.

as a result this is my attempt at barking out a bit about technology and the stuff i deal with, both professionally at work and the stuff i do when i’m not ‘working’. okay, its all just sorta fun to me anyway and its hard to call it ‘work’ when you enjoy the hell out of most of the stuff you get to do, but you get the gist.

so, one of my application servers needs a little re-jigging and resizing of partitions. not only is it a production machine, its also used as our citrix metaframe server. to dump and reinstall would be very time consuming so instead, we look to imaging software to ease the pain. now, i’ve used norton ghost before and its a fine product, however i figured it’d be time to look for something new and possibly even better, and thats when we found terabyte software, image for windows – dos – linux.

here’s the skinny on the whole process:

1. d/l the software and buy it.

2. create a bootable disc

3. attach a usb or firewire external hdd to your machine

4. boot to disc, run thru wizard, image your partition and voile!

well, almost but not quite. what wound up happening here was that image for dos doesn’t recognize the 1.1 usb 1TB myBook. enable legacy support. plug the drive in only when ready to boot. no go. create another boot disk with UHCI enabled in the options. nothing.

next – create an image for linux boot disc. holy crap, it boots and it sees the external drive!

the backup of the primary partition took about 2 hrs in my case and  took a 12GB partition and packed it into a 5GB file, browseable with the TBI viewer. rock on.

all in all, it took very little time to start imaging effectively with this tool and i only assume that anyone would be able to hit the ground running with this software and get the job done quickly. my advise to anyone having trouble with a usb 1.1 device being recognized however is just to skip right to the linux product here – works like a champ.

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