aww, rats

we’ve been blessed with a pretty independent and voracious little kitten, indy (cameron named him prior to his sister lily being born whom he wanted to call Outie… — Outie and Indy?)

well since we went on vacation last month, this cat has been given free reign on his whereabouts and using his handy cat-door, can enter and leave the house as he pleases.

all was well until about a week ago, whereupon jennifer awoke drearily at 4am to pee and kicked one of indy’s mousey cat toys on her way. the only problem – it wasn’t a cat toy at all. yes, it was a dead mouse.

since that time, he’s brought in other conquests to us – 2 more whole mice and then again this morning only the lower half of one, entrails trailing next to my work shoes.

we’ve tried locking out the cat door but he whines and cries all night until we let him out. then back to the bedroom window mouncing as loud as he can to wake us up when he wants back in. its almost impossible to get any sort of REM sleep in our house with both indy and lily periodically waking us.

aside from the obvious – skinning the cat and making moccasins, what can we do to prevent the plethora of rodent carci (is that a word? no…) from winding up all over our floor every morning?



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