how dreamy

so, after having little to say over the last umpteen months, i’ve decided that i should post something finally. as it turns out, i wasn’t being billed for any of my hosting for the last several years and was basically notified of that today by the company that took over the old one. long story short i didn’t feel like forking over the do-re-mi for substandard hosting so i moved my gig over to dreamhost.

i haven’t yet bothered to import the blog-novella that was online from ’99-’08: wow almost 10 years of entires. go figure. i probably won’t bother posting them here either, i figure not alot of need to review what i thought about some random movie from 1999. i mean i don’t even really much care what i thought so why would anyone else?

in any case, here i am again internet. please be gentle…

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