shut yer hole

ah, yes – a few rather productive weeks in our household. we’ve managed to keep up with the cleaning and ‘staging’ of our home well enough so that we’ve probably had 2 dozen showings so far. its paid off apparently since we received a full offer last week! woohoo!!! well, a full offer but with a caveat… they (they being the buyers) of course wanted us to pay for all the closing costs, so we negotiated with them, upped the asking price accordingly and agreed to assume the closing costs. jennifer and i signed the papers yesterday and we’re scheduled to close the deal the last week of july. one more month!!

pretty damn excited about finding a house to live in… we scoped out this one rather large home only about a mile away from where we are now. its big – 5 bedrooms (3 of them smaller), living room, family room, huge driveway, nice 2nd level deck overlooking a serene pasture with horses nestled in the heart of sammamish country. its totally gorgeous and has been on the market for at least 2 months now. the only stinger is in the listing they say ‘no pets’. well, we’re hoping to contact them and possibly get around that if possible. if not, then oh well – there are plenty of homes on the market right now for lease that are perfect and will suit our needs/budget.

cameron is doing well – is learning some new words and we’re encouraged by the expansive vocabulary of cameron’s friend ben (josh and dorothy’s son). ben knows all sorts of cool words like ‘ball’, ‘animal’, ‘wow’, ‘whoa’, ‘uh-oh’… cameron has learned how to say his first color – yellow – pronounced in cameron’s language as ‘lo-lo’. his big bird bubble bath bottle which is yellow is the prototype for that word. all colors are now lolo. perhaps ‘red’ or ‘blue’ is next.

and an update on ME : -my vacant tooth hole is healing nicely: food no longer gets wedged in there or at least so that i can scoop it out with my tongue. the cavity between my sinus and mouth has closed (shut da hole!) and i can now safely drink thru straws and do fun things like spit and safely sneeze. -speaking of sneezing i’ve been doing alot of that lately. part allergies part summer cold. either way i’m fighting it with zyrtec, dayquil and occillicum. with any luck i’ll be rid of it this week entirely. – my new job is going well as i’m learning the processes and systems here, trying to dig into the data and understand the processing/end of night routine that is used to collect all the data from sites around the country. its a really cool application and i’m thoroughly impressed with the programming that has been pieced together over time to build the application. very intense batch file scripting, sql scripting, custom crystal reports and a host of other goodies i’ve never had the chance to see/play with before. my laptop still hasn’t arrived from dell so last week i fixed up the old domain controller machine that crapped out several months before my arrival here. after some diagnosing, i’d discovered there was no working fan in the machine causing the hard drives to heat up like pancakes and the ram was bad. so, after replacing both faulty items and loading windows 2000, i now have a functioning workstation that will later be used as a lab machine. the people here are pretty cool and very diverse. its a small office – only 10 people – but there is something to like about every one of them. they all have their individual strengths and play very well together as a team. i’m excited to get to know everyone better and make myself a valuable member of the team.

and finally – fathers day… i slept in, had a wonderful bacon and cheese omelette, then played xbox while mom and cam slept, went for a drive and ran an errand, then hung out over at josh’s place and let cam and ben tear it up for a while playing. cam was a sweetie all day and didn’t act up of fuss at all so that was a fathers day gift i can live with!

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