one – two – pee in my shoe

so i wrapped up my final installation with micros last week. it was alot of hours (some in the middle of the night) and it certainly wasn’t the easiest install i’ve ever done but i am very relieved that its all finally over.

as i was leaving home to go to the hotel for training, i went downstairs to put my shoes on, but as i slid my foot in it was sickeningly wet. piss! maybe minka was pissed (figuratively) at me for something and decided that a big puddle of urine in my shoe was the best way to express her anger. and this on my only black pair of shoes that are semi-professional – the doc martens i’ve been wearing constantly for 5 years.

so, i wore sneakers the remaining 2 days of my install – keeping it ‘casual’.

friday night i arrived back at the office to find a few ppl waiting for me to return to fill me up with beer at my farewell party. jeff, laura, jayson, linda, mark and gary showed and it was a pretty good time. i was disappointed that so few people came to send me off, but then again its the memorial day weekend so alot of ppl had other plans already. actually i’d have even prefered a smaller send-off and not to have made a big deal about it all. i sure will miss those guys.

so, yesterday jenn, cam and i decided to go look at some apartments in kirkland nearby my new office. they’re pretty swanky places but within our price range. we’re not buying this time around – only renting. at least for a year until we can decide what the hell we wanna do. anyway – cameron hadn’t been feeling well yesterday at all. very plugged up and not really eating much. well, we showed up in the rental offices which were empty. we checked out the floorplans, looked at some brochures but were getting very bored waiting for someone to show us around. cameron took the initative. while standing on their very fancy floor rug, cam projectile vomited partially digested animal crackers all over the floor. jenn and i panicked – searching for a towel or a bathroom or something to clean up the mess. failing that, i ran out to the car to get the diaper bag and jenn and cam followed immediately after me. cam was crying as we took his barf soaked jersey off and cleaned him up outside the car. mental note: when u have a toddler with digestive problems, don’t go looking at real estate.

today is memorial day and we’re just hanging out. we are so friggin’ broke i had to crack out shane’s old credit card last night to buy a pack of cigs (and by credit card i mean a ziploc bag filled with loose change collected over the last few weeks). i was hoping to get my final paycheck on the last day of work, but apparently that isn’t the way things happen. not exactly sure how we’re going to make it till payday but we’ll figure something out i’m sure… mom?… lol

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