irish spiderman lingo

ah, here i sit in giants causeway pub in renton, noshing on a cheeseburger, sipping a red bull and getting myself ready to head home. man, its been a busy month already and things only promise to stay that way. items of note:

1. jenn and i decided sleeping in the living room was no longer an option so have listed our condo and look forward to finding a bigger space. our weekends and nights have been filled with scrubbing, de-cluttering, painting, and getting our place ready to hit the market. here it is!! and no, we’re not accepting paypal. sorry.

2. i was bitten by a very large spider last week, although i never actually SAW or FELT it happen. a large swollen red bump appeared on my arm with two small fang marks. i did not, despite my hopes, awake the next morning with spider-like senses. i was just looking for an excuse to wear my spidey pj’s i suppose.

3. we ditched our phone service with qwest and at&t in favor of lingo (thanks scott for the recommend!). its a voip service and it works friggin’ great. 20 bones a month for unlimited long distance to us, canada and western europe. can’t beat that with a stick.

4. a potential job change in the near future – i’ve entered into talks with a couple different local companies to up the ante on my whole ‘computer’ job thing. lol. actually i just found out my current manager is calling it quits in his job and moving over to sales. honestly i don’t think i can handle breaking in a new manager in my job, so why not learn the ropes in a different company? 4 years is the longest i’ve been at a job – its been a fun ride but i’m at the point where i can get off the rollercoaster and find something a little more stable and with better pay. keep em crossed for me!

5. cameron now waves ‘bye bye’ and SAYS it too. he’s learned ‘bubbles’, ‘go’, ‘no’, ‘more’, ‘snack’ and a few other noises that we can’t figure out yet. i’ll have to remember to ask him what the hell he meant when he said ‘g’forple’ when he’s older. okay – time to go…

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