…turned out to be quite the day last week. i had my molar tooth pulled finally, so the pain is greatly lessened although i now have a gaping hole where the tooth used to be. damn it was a big thing. apparently because the tooth went up so far into ma head, there’s a ‘leak’ between my nasal sinus cavity and the hole of the tooth which essentially means i can’t drink thru a straw, blow my nose, sneeze and i also shouldn’t be smoking. well, i have gotten a nicotine patch to assist with the cravings but i still sneak some in moments of weakness. doc says i should be fine in about a week or so.

AND i happily get to announce i’ve been offered and have since accepted a position with a kirkland based company called ‘deterministics’ as a system administrator. the position is a newly created one, so i will find my role there i’m sure within a couple months. the company is a very small one (10ppl or so), and i’ll be an integral piece of the puzzle there. i interviewed with a few different companies (kronos, t-mobile and deterministics) but found that this was the best fit for me. this is a strategic career change for me and i hope that i’ll get the exposure to the development cycle in this job that will lend itself to a software position in the future.

everyone at work has been harping ‘short-timer’, and of course i’m happy to oblige. i still have one final install at the radisson seatac before my departure so that means i don’t really get to relax before my time here is done. they plan to work me to my last drop of sweat, bastards. oh well – it’s over soon. 4 1/2 years is definitely the longest i’ve been at a job but the people here are so great to work with, it seems like only 4 years.

speaking of, gotta go – more to tell later.

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