a belated easter and a happy april fools day to you all. geez, time sure flies. its been months since my last real update – i think it was back in november when i was in mj last. i won’t belabor all the details of xmas and the holidays generally.

all in all, things are going pretty well. jenn has found a new job as an account rep for housevalues.com, selling subscription services to real estate agents and brokers. its a pretty hard job but she’s doing very well at it and i’m sure will have a ton of contracts flowing in over the next weeks/months.

cameron has re-entered the life of daycare, now in the toddler age group. he’s 18 months, but there are some 2 yr olds who are smaller than him. yes, he’s a big kid! jenn is a bit worried about people treating him differently because they think he’s older than he is and therefore should behave older. he still poops his diaper and cries when he stubs his feet. cat food is still fascinating to him, as is any incarnation of ‘elmo’.

he is adusting well to daycare, although has been awfully clingy towards his dad as of late. i am definitely the preferred resource for comfort, which makes me feel very special and privileged, however it has its downsides too. namely, his mom feels neglected when he shies from her and instead reaches for me. its also hard because i am always under his surveillance. i can barely run downstairs to take down the garbage without him running over, mock crying in hopes to prevent me from ‘leaving’. he’ll get better over time – although the terrible 2’s are coming up awfully fast…

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