moosed up

p>so, i’m back in moose jaw! as most of u probably know by now (given that only friends and family are the ones actively reading the site), my mom went in for surgery on friday to have a small bit of breast cancer taken out. i flew in on thursday and have been bumming around mj and regina for the last few days.

mom did great in the hospital and really started her recovery very well. so well that they sent her home on sunday rather than monday as expected. i think she’s really glad to be home in her own bed. with rob around to take care of her (and myself and dustin as alternates) she’s getting excellent care. AND she also has a home care worker coming over to help out as well. now hows that for health care, eh? ha.

yes, i turned 30 yesterday and it was a very laidback day. i called up my old bro james and hung out with him at his place, drinking beers, watching movies and reminiscing about the good ole days. i haven’t seen james since i moved to seattle – almost 8 years ago, so it was good to reconnect with him. there are some ppl in life that you can very easily pick up right where u left off with them and jimmy is definitely one of those ppl. tried to call up our pal mike trottier too, but its pretty damn hard to find him. so if any of y’all have his number, give it to me!

also had the chance to spend some time with my brother dustin, whom i hadn’t seen in a couple of years. since i don’t see him very often, he changes pretty dramatically every time i see him. he’s broadened up over the last couple of years and is looking more like a playa than a little skinny white boy from regina. he’s moving in with his girlfriend holly this weekend – kudos dust! big step. i look forward to meeting her tomorrow.

saturday my cousin carl took me out for a birthday dinner at bonanza where we chowed on the huge salad bar and then some good steak and shrimpers. ahhh, fine dining in moose jaw! after that, it was the moose jaw warriors hockey game where we watched them get a good whoopin’ – they lost to lethbridge 8-2. bummer. they suck this year but it was still good to go to a hockey game – its been too long.

tonight i went for a visit over to mitch and flora’s place to see what they’ve been up to. the house looks really good and is already decked out with xmas decorations. i got to meet ava, melissa’s 1 yr old daughter who is the cutest thing you’d ever seen. she’s almost walking now. sure made me miss my own little rugrat! my uncle mitch looks really good – in fact i hardly recognized him. got himself a good haircut, some nice house slippers and seems pretty happy as a domesticated dad/grandpa. maybe next time he’ll crack out the old banjo and we can play some dueling music.. hehe…

and tomorrow, its back to regina for one last hurrah before the plane takes me back to minneapolis for an extended layover, then finally home.

all in all, its been a great trip and i wish that i could spend more time here catching up with all my old friends and family. ah, good times.

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