this morning i had a mocha – the first in weeks. in an effort to save money, i’ve abandoned the frothy goodness of starbux and reduced myself to drip coffee. with plenty of fancy creamers and lots of sugar, if i close my eyes and imagine its an espresso drink it almost works.

as usual, working hard to get shit done in the office. we’ve officially hit the busy season in our office – install after install, fire after fire. but its all good. the days fly by and as a team we’re kicking butt. i’ve been spending more time with my co-workers – in fact i hesitate to call them co-workers at all given that most of them are my close friends. having ppl to hang out with and depend on when u need them is something i really haven’t had since i moved out to seattle. its really quite a trip. all my buddies back in canada have moved on to other jobs, other cities but i haven’t felt a real bond with any friends outside of them in years. so, its pretty nice to be able to say ‘hey, lets go GOLFING’ on a whim and do it. (in fact thats precisely what we did a few weeks ago down at tapps island golf course). – side story : we suck at golf. i can’t count the girly swings we’d each swung, hitting air, taking big chunks out of the fairway. dozens of golf balls lost in the oblivion of the pond. it was definitely fun and we’ll be doing it again. although my hand-me-down-clubs suck ass. its not worth it to buy any clubs given that that was the first time i’d been golfing since marney sr. and i went to play a round at a par3 course in federal way a few years ago.

jenn and cam returned and had a great time – i hope u check out some of the pix on the photo page! it was an adjustment having them back in the house – being used to relative serenity its funny how a little 25lb man can cause so much noise and chaos. its a good thing…

more to write, but later….

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