xbox me

damn, i love the xbox! oh, how i wish i had one i could call my very own. i’d hug it every night before i went to bed… with the newbie travis gone for training in maryland for 2 weeks, he generously offered me his xbox while he’s away, and i’ve been enjoying every minute of it. the new star wars battlefront game ROCKS! i had my bud jared over last night and we struggled to conquer the galaxy. i gotta get this thing online so i can play live with other geeks like me. and then there’s a game called fable which has sucked me into its virtual world, literally (yes you can actually hear a faint ‘sucking’ sound when i’m playing… :P) fable is a morality based rpg game where ‘every choice matters’. you can choose to make your character good, evil, or somewhere in between. the appearance of your player changes as you add skills and attributes. currently, i’m a pale ranger dressed in black, potent with magic and charisma. i played till 1am the first night i rented the game. even jenn likes it. although after my first completed quest, she took all my gold pieces into the tavern and gambled the pot away on two card draw. (which she thoroughly enjoyed, i might add). aside from that, my week has been pretty normal. well, except for on monday i had a bit of a freak-out. i bit into a juicy pepperoni stick and noticed something hard and sharp. turns out it was a piece of my tooth! the front side of my lower left molar cracked off, leaving a jaggedy edge which is irritating my cheek somewhat. i went to the dentist on wednesday to find that getting a crown will cost me over 600 bux, which of course we do not have. so, i’ll suffer with it for a while. thankfully i’m not in any serious amount of pain – its more annoying than anything. yes, that was a wake up call to start paying more attention to my teeth, and my body in general. jenn leaves for her trip to germany to visit mom and relatives next week, and i think i’m going to start working out while she’s gone. i’m just too damn flabby. and they say after 30, its all downhill physically so i’d better get started now…

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