workin’ stiff

so, what is shane doing on a saturday night when his wife and boy are away to germany? working.
yes, i’m on call this weekend and its been quite a doozy so far. one site in particular with a hard drive crash has eaten up any spare time i might have had today. started on this piece of crap about 4pm – its now coming up on 9pm and the end is almost in sight. the database is NOT corrupt and i’ve been able to bring it up on a lab system (with a bunch of credit card errors). so back to the drawing board we go – start with a clean load of NT, install res, service pack, drag back the db, bring her up, test, test, test…
hopefully i’ll be able to deliver a working replacement server to the site tonight. tomorrow? oh, i’ll be sleeping in for sure.
aside from this fiasco, friday was good. drank some beer after work, jammed a bit with my bud laura who plays the bass. i think we listened to ‘happy jack’ (the who) a dozen times, playing along with it trying to figure out all the chords. man, its been a while since i’ve done that! it was a blast…

someone asked me if i miss jenn and cam and of course i do horribly – although over the last 2 days i haven’t had alot of time to think about it. its an empty house (well, ok – cats) and just poor old shane. its nice to have a bit of peace and quiet, but i’d rather have the chaos and joy that my family brings.

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