vacate me

aww yeah! vacation time, baby! although its already half over, its been pretty fun so far. the weekend was pretty much a normal one – washing cars, shopping, cleaning, watching movies, blah blah blah – but mom and carl came in yesterday afternoon and now the real vacation begins! i spent a considerable amount of time assembling a digital home movie from clips over the last 6 months or so. its FAR too large to post here, so i may just burn some copies and fire them off the family members 🙂 i also worked alot of the computer setup around my desk – moved the modem, router, placement of pc’s, etc. my desk is still cluttered, but its coming along nicely now. wow, what an exciting post. blogging about my desk. how novel. i think i’m getting a cold – sore throat, sniffling, blech. i sure hope it doesn’t last. i’d hate to have the rest of my vacation plagued by sniffles and coughs. okay, this post is boring so i’m going end it now…

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