birthday bash

september 18 – 2004 – cameron’s 1st birthday! and oh, what a birthday it was. originally i was supposed to work on saturday, taking a new site live. instead, my boss dan volunteered himself to work the morning shift so i could attend cams’ party. unbeknownst to dan, his wife had planned a sneaky hijacking of his weekend, taking him on a surprise trip to las vegas! lucky bastard! in his absence, jeffy took over the live on saturday so we could both respectively ‘do our thing’. the party was alot of work the morning of. jenn had gotten alot of the decorations, but we wound up running out to get groceries, propane for the grill, miscellaneous odds and ends that were forgotten, etc. we basically got up and running at 1pm. we’d planned on having it in lake sammamish park, as we did his baby shower last year, but the weather the last couple of weeks has taken a turn towards fall. instead, we decided to have it in our cabana at the condo complex, which actually turned out great! lots of space, a full kitchen, and a good turnout for cam’s party. when i had him in my lap and everyone started singing happy birthday and jenn brought out the cake with the candle on it, the look on his face was one of utter confusion. what the heck are all these people singing at me for??! whats this? cake with fire? we’ll be getting a dvd out for the folks very soon. in fact, just for the grandparents we’ll be doing a special dvd, collectors edition of camerons 1st year. the highlight of the party was probably the pinata(sp?). our friends julie and jareds kids had a great time wacking the hell out of the stork pinata, filled to the brim with candy bars and krabby patty’s (spongebob squarepants candy). happy birthday cameron!!!

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