back to the grind

so, after a brief vacation i find myself back at the grind. the holidays were great – we had a fantastic time with mom and carl in town. we spent each and every day doing something totally fun – going to the sci-fi museum/emp, space needle, an ‘art walk’ in pioneer square, snoqualmie falls, the family fun center, gameworks, shopping… whew! makes my feet hurt just thinking about it. we were planning on hitting bumbershoot as well, but due to swollen feet and total exhaustion, we opted out. i made it a point to show my young cousin, carl, the best time we could possibly have minus oodles of tequila and strippers (maybe when you’re 21 here carl :P) cameron declared his grandma ‘nanna’ and repeated that name for her througout the trip. he was totally enamored by his wonderful grandma, who barely left his side for a moment the entire time. mom also gave me an early birthday gift – a dvd burner! so finally now we can start putting those home movies we’ve been filming on dvd to ship off to the scattered grandparents and relatives. cam is ultra-photogenic and we’ve got hours and hours of baby footage to get out there. i made a quick and dirty dvd copy of their trip here which seemed to turn out pretty good. we had probably an hour of footage on there, but only took up a quarter of storage on the dvd. me likee.

then on monday (labour day), the folks flew back to moose jaw and i flew out to spokane for an upgrade. talk about a rude awakening back to work. i’m sure spokane is a fine city but i have a crap time every time i go. albeit, i’ve only been there twice, each time i just want to leave as soon as i get there. this time was no different. short flight, cheap rental car, bummy hotel, unorganized upgrade, rush rush rush, then back to the airport back home. thankfully it was a quick turnaround and i made it home safe and quickly.

and now, i’m back to the office, comfy in my cubical with my iPod and my laptop, diligently whiddling away the hours of the day until i can get back home to cam and jenn. actually, i’ve started going back to dr. x – the back cruncher. not to be too graphic, but i’ve got a bad pain in the ass (literally) apparently due to the psychotic nerve or something. the muscles back there, when sitting or aren’t in use contract and get smaller. if the nerve is irritated, the muscle that surrounds it naturally contracts, causing even more pressure on the nerve until your muscle feels like a friggin’ rock, and not in a good way. so, i’ve been instructed to stretch it out as much as possible, doing these funky yoga poses. oh joy! anyone wanna help?

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