September 2004

smarty pants

ah, american politics. there’s nothing i enjoy quite like listening to a well spoken, intelligent and charismatic world leader shed some light on sometimes very complex social and political issues… this is not one of… Read More »smarty pants

birthday bash

september 18 – 2004 – cameron’s 1st birthday! and oh, what a birthday it was. originally i was supposed to work on saturday, taking a new site live. instead, my boss dan volunteered himself to… Read More »birthday bash

workin’ stiff

so, what is shane doing on a saturday night when his wife and boy are away to germany? working.yes, i’m on call this weekend and its been quite a doozy so far. one site in… Read More »workin’ stiff

back to the grind

so, after a brief vacation i find myself back at the grind. the holidays were great – we had a fantastic time with mom and carl in town. we spent each and every day doing… Read More »back to the grind

vacate me

aww yeah! vacation time, baby! although its already half over, its been pretty fun so far. the weekend was pretty much a normal one – washing cars, shopping, cleaning, watching movies, blah blah blah –… Read More »vacate me