whoa, what a crazy couple of weeks its been. ALOT happening in our lives over the last few – namely: less than a week ago on wednesday jennifer’s good friend and co-worker was called into the big bosses office (big boss used to be a sweet lovable co-worker who jenn helped to train at one point)… and came out of the office without a job. well, it was jennifers turn next – and indeed she got the axe from her company after 5 years of working there. bada bing, done.

sufficed to say, that has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench in our financial situation. we’d been trying to figure out a way for one of us to stay home and still have enough money to pay all the bills and eat. well, i guess we’ll find out now! lol

jenn is applying for unemployment and is sitting for charlotte a few days a week just to bring in a few extra dollars. we’ll of course be cutting back drastically on the non-essentials, and tightening our belts considerably to get thru.

all in all, its one of those things in life that happens and you just have to deal with. like spilling your chili dog on your favorite jeans…

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