jager strikes again

friday the 13th was last week and i had thought that i’d made it thru the workday mostly unscathed because of it, but not quite. after a rather humdrum day in the office, we got a call on a unstable system at a site in spokane. thankfully there was a tech on site that could assist in restoring an old database, but things just didn’t work out smoothy. one snafu after another. its frustrating working on something like this, especially when you’re planning on leaving work in a few minutes to get some grub and beer (our friday ritual). but oooh no, it wasn’t meant to be. the 13th had struck again. laura was frantically staging a replacement pc and trying to get it shipped out by the 6pm fedex cutoff while i was trying to recover the system remotely. it was the night from hell. just when we thought it was back up and running, it would shit out again. ug. all in all, we got the system back up and running for them to use, then proceeded directly to where we could get drunk the fastest. actually i was only planning on having a beer or two before heading out but one pitcher turned into two, which led to jagermeister shots, which led to more beer and chicken wings. before we knew it, the bar was practically empty and we were sloshed.

cameron does not yet understand how sensitive his fathers ears can be when being woken in the early hours of saturday morning. shreiking is not acceptable. so, with a pounding headache and enough energy to slowly sip a cup of coffee, our little family headed out the door to go to marn’s garage sale, part 2.

we’d had the first one a couple of weeks ago when pat and carl were in town – which actually sorta sucked because jenn needed to be at the sale the entire day and didn’t get to spend any time with us, doing the touristy thing. i feel bad that the trip didn’t go as planned for them, but it was good seeing pat again. i think the last time we’d seen her was at our wedding years ago.

anyways, jenn had a spat with marney about the garage sale – about who would be the sucker that sits with all the crap in the yard while stranger sift thru all your useless belongings. i think we made 75 cents at the first one. woohooo!!! now i can buy that newspaper i’ve been saving up for! long story short, the sibling effect took full swing and the gsale was cancelled so we went to pick up all our stuff and drop it off at goodwill.

we stopped at starbux, where i got another coffee and started feeling partially human again. jenn was sweet and bought me a pastry, but accidentally dropped it in the parking lot. i ate it most of it anyway, being so drunkenly hungry as i was, despite the kernels of gravel crunching between my teeth. mmm.. gravel and cinnamon… what a crappy start to an overall crappy weekend.

i need another 2 days off just to recover from this damn weekend…

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