daddy daycare

so, this weekend was a bit of a crapshoot… didn’t really get alot accomplished but it was overall still pretty good. the usual friday night outing didn’t happen this week – we had some soda’s for lunch on friday and by the time the work day ended i was feeling pretty drained and sleepy already, so i decided to bag it and just go home for the night. jenn appreciated the fact i was home and took advantage of it and went out with her bud angela to the local pub to have a couple beers. i’m happy she had the chance to get out this weekend and have some fun. its hard to stay at home with the kid all day (i know!). SO, saturday was a babysitting day for me.

jenn and kristin had been planning for weeks to go to hempfest, a yearly tradition for the girls. so i volunteered to watch both cam and charlotte while they went out. it was hard work, but pretty fun too. its entertaining to watch the two kids interact with one another. charlotte is about to become mobile – she’s flipping from her back to her belly and scootching along the floor. the little inchworm effect.

cameron now has a way of sticking his face right into yours and smiling, demanding a smile back. it was fun but somewhat hectic… crying, pooping, dancing, eating, bathing, napping and finally the girls came home to offer me some relief. saturday night jenn and i watched ‘hidalgo’ with viggo mortenson. i love a good ‘race’ movie and this was no different. a burnt out endurance rider takes the challenge of racing across the middle east in a 3000 mile journey. myself i really loved this movie…

sunday jenn and i dropped cam off at marn’s place while she and i went out to a movie. (went to see the bourne supremacy again!). i think this is the first movie she and i had gone to see together since ‘the return of the king’, when it was still in theaters. its nice to get away for a few hours, but when we came back to pick up cameron he entirely refused to let go of me after i picked him up… i guess he likes his daddy! 🙂

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