so i took the plunge yesterday and got myself a trial pair of contact lenses. i felt a little OLD to be a first timer at this – a soft contact lense virgin, if you will. given that the girl help train me on how to put them in, take them out, care for them, etc mentioned that the day before she had a 13 yr old boy who also struggled with them didn’t make me feel much better. it took nearly 20 minutes per eye to get those suckers in. but what an amazing strange feeling being able to see clearly without glasses resting on my nose. of course i received many tips and tricks from the folks at work on how to best take them out. someone suggested squeezing your eye till it pops out. not a particularily appealing method of removal. i did manage to get them out ok after a few attempts. although i suppose now i’ll have to wake up an extra 1/2 hour early every day to put them in. pffft… amateur…

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