August 2004


so i took the plunge yesterday and got myself a trial pair of contact lenses. i felt a little OLD to be a first timer at this – a soft contact lense virgin, if you… Read More »contact!

daddy daycare

so, this weekend was a bit of a crapshoot… didn’t really get alot accomplished but it was overall still pretty good. the usual friday night outing didn’t happen this week – we had some soda’s… Read More »daddy daycare

The M Team

i felt like a member of the A Team yesterday: First, some saboteur had managed to stealthily swipe the prized possession of my ops manager, john. his red swingline stapler, ala milton from office space.… Read More »The M Team

jager strikes again

friday the 13th was last week and i had thought that i’d made it thru the workday mostly unscathed because of it, but not quite. after a rather humdrum day in the office, we got… Read More »jager strikes again


whoa, what a crazy couple of weeks its been. ALOT happening in our lives over the last few – namely: less than a week ago on wednesday jennifer’s good friend and co-worker was called into… Read More »trumped