i think almost every day this week someone in our office has brought in a big old box of cinnabons or a couple of dozen fresh krispy kreme donuts. i have a problem – i can’t stop at just one…. they’re so damn good! although i must admit getting a bit sick of eating kk donuts while dialed into the kk sites this week. i feel like a big donut.

the week has been a rough one for most of us in the office, for no particular reason aside from there being alot of work and we’re all so busy all the time. it feels like we’re just struggling to keep our heads above water. but, its friday so i’m not going to piss and moan about it too much.

both cameron and jenn have been feeling a bit under the weather this week – jenn stayed home with him on wednesday. i think thats the first day in a few weeks she’s spent the entire day with him alone – they had a blast together! jenn has been working half days on saturday so i get to hang out during the day with cam, messing around, learning stuff, having fun. we bought him a little walker thingee and he’s been tooling around the apartment, pushing his little walker in front of him. 2 nights ago, he had his first run on it – literally! the thing started moving while he stood behind it, he leaned forward with a scared look on his face, then finally figured out that he’d better move his feet or he’d fall flat on his face, so he wound up running across the living room, crashing into good old dad 🙂

it sure was hard dropping him off at the sitters this morning – he started to cry a bit when i passed him to the daycare lady, but he forgot very quickly as he joined his buddies on the floor. there is a cute little black girl that cameron seems to be on the same ‘level’ with – very curious and interested in what the other one is doing. he is always happy when i pick him up – never crying or fussing. what a good boy!

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