long time no blog

so i was talking with mom last night and she reminded me politely that i haven’t updated the site in a while – not since july 1st actually, so it HAS been a while.

actually alot has been going on over the last couple of weeks. most notably, our good friend julie who has been caring for cameron is finally getting closer to having all 3 of her kids in school, which means for her a little more freedom for her (hooray!). we’re so thankful that julie volunteered her time and energy to taking such great care of cameron for so long. but, everyone needs time away from kids and we always knew it wasn’t going to be a permanant thing. so, thank u julie so much for being there for our family! (extended thanks go to jared, bryan, angela, and delila for being so good to cameron and welcoming him into your home 🙂

so, we (and by we i mean jenn) did alot of research into daycares in the area and found one that seems to be the best choice for us. its over in burien and happens to be the same place where marney and kristin store charlotte on the days both of them work. so cameron gets to hang out all day with his cousin! i really think he’s enjoying himself in the new surroundings. last week he had an art project (his handprint on a star, hanging in the ‘sweet pea’ room). when i pick him up he’s usually involved with playing hardcore with the other little boys there. he’s always happy when i pick him up and smiles big, showing his bottom two teeth, and races towards me. honestly its the best part of every day!

looking forward to taking some time off in september, having mom and possibly my cuz carl in town for a week to do the usual touristy stuff and hang out with cameron. i can understand how hard it must be to be away from cameron for any period of time, as gramma cindy is… jenn and cam went down to texas for the 4th of july weekend, which was really fun for them. it was nice to have some time away from the ‘routine’ and have some time to spend on my own but honestly i got really bored really fast. there was a point where i was just pacing around the condo, trying to figure out something to do. no bottles to clean – no diapers to change or bums to wipe. no dishes to do since i ate fast food practically the entire time. i did get to mess around with the new pc i’m building. i picked up a video card and a kvm switch to share between my existing pc. i loaded up debian linux on the 2nd pc, which is pretty cool but i’m not sure i’m going to keep it that way. i may install win2003 on there instead… we’ll see. (exciting for geeks, boring for the rest of you i’m sure. )

so, now we’re back to work, back in the groove…. life goes on and on….

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