day to day

ok, no need to worry but jenn and cam were in a bit of a fender bender this week. last friday jenn was driving home from picking him up and was nailed from behind by some asshole on 405. thankfully, both jenn and cam weren’t hurt but jenn does have a little whiplash and is having some back pain as well. i went down to the emergency room with them and could tell cameron was his usual jovial self – playing with the waiting room toys and eating crackers, smiling. jenn was not in such a great state however, so cam and i mostly spent the weekend hanging together trying to give mom a chance to rest up a bit. in addition to that, i was on call this weekend and got ALOT of calls, which sucked ass. in fact the calls haven’t stopped at all this week – at least one or two every night. i sometimes feel like i don’t stop working at all. work work work. rest for a minute, then work some more.

on a good note, we hung out with marney and k this saturday and marn and i actually got out to see a movie on saturday night. went to see ‘the bourne supremacy’ which totally frickin’ rocked! even better than the first movie in my opinion, which i’ve seen probably a good 10 times, once in german with english subtitles on the plane to europe.

AND on another good note, jenn’s mom renate had a killer time going to the montreux jazz festival (thanks for the t-shirts!), and actually managed somehow to bring back a souvenier for yours truly : a bb king guitar pick from the man himself. i saw bb king years ago in the center of the arts back in regina, and have loved his music ever since. i may have to crack out the old bb collection and revive the music in our house again.

and finally, our buds gary and mary came over for a visit on sunday night to grub on some bbq and watch ‘the bourne identity’ – (note: make that 11 times now). gary, the trooper, made the run to cold stone creamery so i could finish working on the ol’ resume and cover letter. love ya gMan!

and now REALLY finally, me old buddy carl, his mom pat and his girlfriend whom i’ve yet to meet are coming down this weekend for a visit, which we’re greatly anticipating. i haven’t seen pat in years and years, basically since she performed the wedding ceremony at mine and jenns formal marriage thingamabob. and with carl in town, i’m sure the weekend won’t be a dull one. apparently he was auditioning for a tv show the other day… well… he does have the ‘star’ quality…

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