lunched out

so, i’ve been less than consistent lately with my eating schedule. i’ve never actually eaten a regular breakfast before – maybe i’ll have a yogurt and a coffee and call that breakfast, but thats stretchin’ it. supplement my nutrition with excessive amounts of caffeine and nicotine and its all good. but normally i’d at least eat a lunch – normally. over the last few months i’ve been forgoing the lunch ritual in favor of fasting thru out the day. not only does it save money but i can also get more crap done at work. i’ve been finding lately however that my lack of food thruout the day (usually having dinner later in the evening around 8-9pm)

speaking of munchin’, cam has been consistently now eating plenty of baby food – sometimes 3-4 jars a day in addition to all the bottles he still downs. he’s been really enjoying eating plenty of fruit and veggies in his little ‘baby feedbag’ as i call it, which is really nothing more than a mesh baggie he gnaws on for grub. way to eat, cam!

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