lightnin’ and the errand boy

thursday night just after midnight the power at our house went out completely for about 30 seconds, just after a huge flash of lightning and a booming of thunder. its not very often we get awesome weather like that and honestly i was a bit disappointed it happened in the middle of the night rather than at a time i could actually enjoy it. cameron woke up from the loud booming and started getting a bit scared, so we moved him into the bed with us to calm him down. sleeping was not easy, but we woke up to blue skies and sunshine.

we had cam’s 9 month checkup yesterday morning with his doctor, dr. dudas… or as i say… DUUE!. cam is in good health, but needs to start eating more solid foods. apparently his 5-6 bottles daily is a poor supplement for nutrition gained from hard food. we’ve been feeding him alot of baby food, but the doc says it wouldn’t hurt to step it up a notch since he’s such a big boy with a big appetite. he now weighs 22 pounds and is 30 inches long!

the rest of my day was spent running to and fro – to the office, to zoka coffee, to a friends place to feed the dog, back to the office, to the bank, to the gas station, to get my haircut, to drop off marn’s ps2 so he can play skullmonkeys, to drop off a package at fedex, to feed the dog again, back to zoka to get my cd’s, then to the grocery store, and finally home….

i’m tired just thinkin’ about it….

today jenn took cameron to the summer solstace parade in fremont, so i expect a bunch of good pictures and stories from that, but i’ve got to work today so there’ll be no parades for mr. nicholson. its now not very often that i have to be on call at work since we’ve added several new programmers to the rotation, which is nice, but still working on a saturday sucks.

i shouldn’t complain to much however, since a few of my co-workers have had to give up their weekends consistently to take care of the mariners and other sites that have gone live. so all things considered, it could be worse. oh well – time for some coffee and more computing.

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