i want! i want!

so, i find myself in a writing mood lately for some reason. maybe its because its sort of a ‘release’ for me – being able to blather on and on about my mundane life (and subsequently asking you to read about it). but i’ve been able to do alot of thinking lately and figure i’d better get it down otherwise i’ll lose the momentum.

things i am looking forward to, in no particular order:

1. white trash wedding video our friend scott, who has started his own record label (blue disguise records), is promoting a band ( whose name escapes me at the moment ) that is possibly filming a music video this month in marney’s back yard. the band will wear powder-blue tuxedos, pabst blue ribbon will be the beverage of choice, and the theme is, of course, trailer park mayhem. finally a chance to wear my old raggedy metallica t-shirt and worn out jeans amongst other white trash victims. if only i could grow a mullet in time…

2. mom & dustins visit although i really wanted to be able to go home this summer for a visit, it looks very unlikely, for a few reasons. money is one of them, time is the other. jenn doesn’t have enough vacation time saved up and i’m not really sure i want to take an infant thru the trials of air travel by myself just yet. so instead my mom and brother dustin will be making the trek here later this summer. i’ll definitely be taking some time from work to spend it with them and play tour guide, although they’ve already seen most of the sights so it’ll be nice just to have a chance to hang out and chill with the fam.

3. hike it up! i fully intend to actually get out there and do some physical activity this summer. namely, hiking. jenn, kristin and julie went for a hike to little mt. si a few weeks ago which i had to forgo due to a nasty hangover (see marco polo). julie invited us on a hike to BIG mt si, which i still want to do. this will require however buying some good shoes to do this with – i’m not sure sneakers are the best choice for the job.

4. germany although its unlikely to happen anytime soon, i am really looking forward to making another trip to germany. even though our last 2 trips were frought with family obstacles (first – sibling rivalry, next parental disturbances), i still had such a great time seeing another country/culture. when jenns’ relatives were in town a couple weeks ago i braved it and began testing the waters with some of my broken german (das ist kaput!). i find myself craving authentic schnitzel and rindwurst on an almost daily basis.

5. wedding anniversary its always been a fun night – just jenn and i get away for a nice dinner and a movie. nothing too extravagant – just niiice. this year we’ll be celebrating our ‘wedding’ anniversary – the actual ceremony with friends and family – as opposed to our ‘secret anniversary’… the date we were actually married. hopefully we can find a sitter for this month to do our date in style… otherwise there will be baby food at the dinner, which tends to squash any romance that might be had…

i also would like to get out camping this year (maybe when mom is in town!), go to a concert (its been years since we’ve seen live music), go out to more movies (another luxury i haven’t done in a very long time) and a number of other little things kicking around in my head. take a trip up to canada to visit carl and pat. take a trip to cannon beach. finish building my new server. the list goes on and on and on and on…

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