bring the cup back home!

in some of the most exciting hockey this poor canadian lad has seen in a very long time, one of my all-time favorite teams (right up there with chicago), the calgary flames have entered the final round of the stanley cup finals and are currently 3-2 against the tampa bay lightning.

according to my bud james, during the last game between the flames and tampa (which went into overtime), there was a cable outage in my hometown of regina during the 3rd period of the game, which almost incited rioting in the streets. the saddledome is packed full of red jerseys, even when the team is playing in tampa, watching the game on the big screen. the finals have reached a fevered pitch, as they play game 6 – the flames could take it home tomorrow night. seems these calgary girls are pretty damn excited about the whole thing too… so, you know where i’ll be tomorrow night – beer in hand, eyes glued to the set…

go flames!

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