June 2004


so, the torch has been passed… ok, well it hasn’t been passed to anyone in particular but lets just say i’m no longer holding the torch for our office’s online calendar. since everyone in our… Read More »calendero


oh, what a shameful display. oh gawd! i had to pick up cam, so i missed the first period, but the second period was pure shite. they didn’t even TRY in the 2nd period. resting… Read More »f*ckers

lunched out

so, i’ve been less than consistent lately with my eating schedule. i’ve never actually eaten a regular breakfast before – maybe i’ll have a yogurt and a coffee and call that breakfast, but thats stretchin’… Read More »lunched out


what a game! calgary is clearly dominating physically, with a strong forecheck and some nifty tickety tack passing. the lightning are looking a little doggity and tired. losing some of the critical races for the… Read More »overtime!

i want! i want!

so, i find myself in a writing mood lately for some reason. maybe its because its sort of a ‘release’ for me – being able to blather on and on about my mundane life (and… Read More »i want! i want!