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why, hello there.

hi. this is my website. i don’t do much with it anymore, except for play around with web stuff. i’m a tech guy in seattle, love working on websites, helping small business folks with wordpress, websites, hosting, etc. this is just my personal playground to muck with stuff and write a bit. not much, but a lil.

homeward bound pt 2

we’re getting ready to embark on our annual trip north, this time up thru the rockies via golden, east on the number 1 highway, thru calgary and onwards to moose jaw. the kids are chomping at the bit to go, in fact i’m pretty sure if they had any bits they definitely would be chomping on them. abby and cameron have already been packed for about 2 weeks with their backpacks stuffed ever-so-ready to go beneath their beds. yes the anticipation is killing them! really its not just the young ones that are geared up and ready for this trip – i am too! although i did get to go back home to visit mom and gord for a few days in april, i am seriously looking forward to turning off my phone and powering off my laptop and disconnecting from all the stress and urban fury of living in a ‘big city’. there is something very humbling and comforting about returning home, and i look forward to it with great anticipation. strangely i’m even looking forward to the drive out, even though it’ll take us 3 days to get there. i remember vividly the trip my grandparents took me on when i was a kid, thru the rockies. we went with a big camper motorhome thing, and i recall riding above the drivers seat in the bunk, waving out the front window at on coming traffic. we stopped at the radium hot springs and just about every road side attraction along the way. i was in awe of the mountains, so awesomely huge. they made me feel like... read more

that moose has huge balls…

of course, i speak of mac – the venerable moose mascot that stands just north of the tim hortons on thatcher in my home town of moose jaw. mom jokingly previewed the moose’s abundant concrete testicles to mandy, and so we just had to go check him (them) out while there. despite the gale force winds that swept across the prairie that day, it was a successful trip to say the least. the kids cameron and abby ran wildly around the moose pretending to be swept away by the gusts that really just annoyed the rest of us. they had fun… the trip – i have to admit – was by far the best trip home i have had. mom and gord (poppa)’s house is comfortable and inviting and despite having never been to visit mom in her new home, it felt just like home anyway. well, upgrade mom’s old crappy tv with a big screen surround sound, a media center and an xbox 360, it was just like it should have been. the journey there was fun: me, driving and being fed timbits by the dozen by my trusty navigator mandy ( who really didn’t care if we got lost ), rachel ( who was awake for about 13 minutes of the 16 hour drive there), lily (who tried to wake rachel when she wasn’t napping herself) and cameron and abby who entertained themselves with hours of pictochat on thier nintendos and stuffing thier faces silly with the cooler of snacks that lay between them. while the kids took a morning nap on the second day, we stopped... read more

homeward bound

after a lengthy hiatus, i’ve finally booked a trip back home to canada to visit my family. it has been over 3 years since i’ve made the long journey from seattle to moose jaw and i’m looking forward to it- bigtime! the long drive is planned for the end of june, with vacations already approved and suitcases being dusted, i look forward to lily’s first time in canada to meet her extended canuck clansmen. a trip home means adjusting from the frantic life of the city to the slower, more comfortable pace of a small town. it is very much a welcome change, although it always seems to be laced with a great reluctance to return to ‘reality’. thank god its the summer though – not sure i could stand -40 degree temps anymore… i’m actually looking forward to the drive, oddly enough. there’s something eerily soothing about driving till your eyes are blurry, especially across the flatness and huge skies of the canadian prairies. maybe i’ll find some peace at a road side pull-off whilst the kids pee. i figure i’m long overdue for a break. my vacation time at work is all banked up and i’m honestly ready to go now. thanks to facebook i’ve already re-established contact with at least a half- dozen people that i knew in my younger days, still in regina or moose jaw, and thirsty to sit down and catch up. my mom (newly married jamaican style), will be throwing a little bbq/reception to celebrate that occasion which i’m joyously anticipating. not to mention, we’ll be there for canada day to boot,... read more