having been a scrabulous fiend for several months now, i awoke this morning to find a most disheartening and sad message posted on my beloved facebook apps page

Scrabulous is disabled for US and Canadian users until further notice. If you would like to stay informed about developments in this matter, please click here

oh god no! they’ve taken away my scrabulous!!! so apparently the two indian guys who set up scrabulous knew what was coming. despite the many petitions online and huge daily active user base, they were forced to close-up shop (on facebook at least – the original scrabulous site still works)

and so the hasbro/ea folks have whipped up their own version of the the classic ‘scrabble’ game and posted it up on facebook too. however, its only in beta and still has all sorts of little problems. i signed up, started a game and returned later to find this:

We’re working on some tech problems and Scrabble will be ready to play as soon as possible!

so not only did they kill off the most popular facebook app and try to replace it with their own, theirs doesn’t even work! either that or they’re flooded with ex-scrabulites in a mass triple word score exodus and their servers just can’t handle the refugee blitz.

either way, it blows. anyone wanna play tetris?

sn4psh0t crap

just as a heads-up to anyone using msn messenger : if you receive any links with your from any one of your contacts, under any circumstances do not open the link, and furthermore if you DO open the link do not put in your username and password else your msn account will be hi-jacked by these assholes who will then send all your contacts that same link… so yeah, viral.

if you do happen to click the link, log-in, the only way to stop it from messing with your msn is to go in and change your password… got it? good.

aww, rats

we’ve been blessed with a pretty independent and voracious little kitten, indy (cameron named him prior to his sister lily being born whom he wanted to call Outie… — Outie and Indy?)

well since we went on vacation last month, this cat has been given free reign on his whereabouts and using his handy cat-door, can enter and leave the house as he pleases.

all was well until about a week ago, whereupon jennifer awoke drearily at 4am to pee and kicked one of indy’s mousey cat toys on her way. the only problem – it wasn’t a cat toy at all. yes, it was a dead mouse.

since that time, he’s brought in other conquests to us – 2 more whole mice and then again this morning only the lower half of one, entrails trailing next to my work shoes.

we’ve tried locking out the cat door but he whines and cries all night until we let him out. then back to the bedroom window mouncing as loud as he can to wake us up when he wants back in. its almost impossible to get any sort of REM sleep in our house with both indy and lily periodically waking us.

aside from the obvious – skinning the cat and making moccasins, what can we do to prevent the plethora of rodent carci (is that a word? no…) from winding up all over our floor every morning?


how dreamy

so, after having little to say over the last umpteen months, i’ve decided that i should post something finally. as it turns out, i wasn’t being billed for any of my hosting for the last several years and was basically notified of that today by the company that took over the old one. long story short i didn’t feel like forking over the do-re-mi for substandard hosting so i moved my gig over to dreamhost.

i haven’t yet bothered to import the blog-novella that was online from ’99-’08: wow almost 10 years of entires. go figure. i probably won’t bother posting them here either, i figure not alot of need to review what i thought about some random movie from 1999. i mean i don’t even really much care what i thought so why would anyone else?

in any case, here i am again internet. please be gentle…