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why, hello there.

hi. this is my website. i don’t do much with it anymore, except for play around with web stuff. i’m a tech guy in seattle, love working on websites, helping small business folks with wordpress, websites, hosting, etc. this is just my personal playground to muck with stuff and write a bit. not much, but a lil.

civilization revolution – iphone

so if you’re wondering, should i check out the civ rev lite for the iphone, the answer undoubtedly is YES. you’ll play it for about 3 hours before you decide to purchase the full iphone game which is currently about 7 dollars and its a steal even at that price. i myself am a sid meier sim city fiend from way back in the day and really fully enjoy a strategy game that is so polished and addictive, its near perfect in every way. so the iphone version, yeah the graphics aren’t the best but its simple and very usable and the core of the game comes shining thru. i’ve decided to post a few of my tips on how to play and win at this fantastic game. 1. units, cities and movement. so this is easy – each unit has an attack rating and a defense rating. when you start out with a warrior unit, its attack and defense ratings are both set at 1. an archer unit however has a higher defense rating (3) and a relatively low attack rating. when moving your troops ¬†always always always bring a strong defensive unit along with you to cover. for example, you have a warrior unit or army, a legion unit or army, an archer unit AND an archer army. depending on whether or not the city you are defending ¬†(probably your capital at first) is at risk of being attacked, you should take your archer army along with your warrior and legion when attacking another city, leaving your archer unit behind to cover your base. if there is... read more

Excel Save CSV with double quotes

yes, i’m saving this snippet here because it actually works! just insert into the vba for excel, run and remember that it first asks for the source of the file to run the code on, and NOT to output the current file as ‘save as’. get it? good. Sub CSVFile() Dim SrcRg As Range Dim CurrRow As Range Dim CurrCell As Range Dim CurrTextStr As String Dim ListSep As String Dim FName As Variant FName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(“”, “CSV File (*.csv), *.csv”) If FName <> False Then ListSep = Application.International(xlListSeparator) If Selection.Cells.Count > 1 Then Set SrcRg = Selection Else Set SrcRg = ActiveSheet.UsedRange End If Open FName For Output As #1 For Each CurrRow In SrcRg.Rows CurrTextStr = “” For Each CurrCell In CurrRow.Cells CurrTextStr = CurrTextStr & “””” & CurrCell.Value & “””” & ListSep Next While Right(CurrTextStr, 1) = ListSep CurrTextStr = Left(CurrTextStr, Len(CurrTextStr) – 1) Wend Print #1, CurrTextStr Next Close #1 End If End... read more

cameron works!

okay, well more like watches spongebob on a laptop, drinking root beer and belching loudly. last day before our trip to canada and figured i’d oblige camerons desire to come in to work with me while i wrap stuff up before being gone for 2 weeks. he is utterly disinterested in any actual work here, although the promise of jamming things in the shredder later today is... read more